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Great site,fast growing money.Its only 10 dollars for begin.
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Hello all, I have been paid, I been a member just a few days, I biggest concern was would they pay as promise, they paid, the money I requested was sent to my PayPal account with in mixtures after my request, see below.

Payment received from On Line Payments
December 18, 2017 at 6:12:57 PM PST
Transaction ID: xxxxxxxxxx
Payment Status: Completed
Payment Type: Goods and Services

Gross amount
$10.00 USD

Payment details

This was all I need to see, I bought more ad packs. The best part about this program is, you get paid every time some one buy a ad pack, What if you own 10 ad packs, what if one million people own 10 ad packs, Now you can see the possibilities of earning for you. This is great.
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hello admin thankyou for this wonderful opportunity that you made for us to make money , I am grateful that I joined 2 days ago and invest right away , I bought 5 packs and in just 2days I made 12$ and tried to withdraw it and it came to my paypal account in just an hour , how cool! ;) right? . just sharing my gratitude for this concept you made admin , thanks a lot .. Keep it up!
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I'm already in similar programs he has lost a lot of money,so I admit that I hesitated to join. I finally invested ridiculous 10 dollars and waited for what was going to happen.This is the third day since my registration and I have earned 7.80 dollars ,so I can reinvest soon and thereby increase your earnings. You do not have to be rich to make a great a large income,just make the right decision and make a minimum investment. I believe, that Forever Share is the right investment and in 2018 will bring us a lot of joy.
Beautiful Christmas Holidays and a successful 2018 year .
Karel from Europe
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Update.....I'm About 6 Hours Away From Day 3. It's 5:52 AM In Norwich, CT.......
Adpack# 184....@ $5.21

Adpack# 185....@ $5.20

I Have Added Forever Shares As Part Of My Investment Portfolio And I am In No Way Disappointed. Of course, I will Be Taking Advantage of The Unlimited Ad Credits With A 15 Adpack Purchase On Friday. All Revenue Generated Will Be Reinvested To Take Advantage of The Power Of Daily Compounding Interest.

Come Join Us!

Elliott L.
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Today I registered on forever shares. I am very excited to be a part of this company...
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Bought 10 shares 15th Dec I just keep investing my profits

now I have 18 shares

so I now have 18 shares that earn me profits every day
Fantastic site not to be missed

update 19th Dec reinvested
,just purchased more shares I now have 22 worth $220
will keep purchasing until I have 30
then will start to cash in some profit
keep watching
william uk
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My name is Kefilwe Keitseope from a small land locked country in Botswana sharing borders with South Africa and Zimbabwe. I have been involved in network marketing since 2007. I have lost thousands of dollars and got scammed multiple times.

I have been moving from one network marketing to another in search of financial freedom and freedom to spend time with family. I have been spending sleepless nights surfing ads and also checking on new opportunities to make money,

Most of the online businesses promised results but once you join there will be no one to help you on how to do the business. You end up being frustrated with tons of emails and promotions from those companies.

Yesterday as I was surfing the net for networking-opportunities I came across an offer that promises continuous payments for life. I was skeptical to join because most of them uses catchy taglines to draw your attention. I went through and signed up free on and watched the videos.

I decided to give it a try and bought 15 shares for the value of $150. I then shared my link in a few online facebook groups. I then went to sleep without any hope that I will make money.

I was surprised when I logged into my account and found that I have made more than $30 dollars in a couple of hours. Forevershares is the best paying site I have ever met since my 10 years in the network marketing. I therefore recommend people to join forevershares because forevershares is the future. I call it the new bitcoin. Thank You.

Best of luck

Kefilwe Keitseope
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As a Texan I like to think big, except I do not have that much money. The buy in for Forever Shares is ideal and has room for growth. Seeing the money invested grow on a daily basis is quite interesting.

The system is well thought out, easy to follow, and very learnable.
I would recommend this program as a starter program initially, then expand it as your experience grows.

As always, I wish you the best of all worlds in what ever you decide to do.
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I have only been in for two days came in with 10 PACKS I now have 12 WOW I like this.
David Smith UK.
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I did a withdrawal during a 7 minute video on my channel.
I received the funds before the video was finished!!!
Believe it or not, thats just a FACT.
Rick Mathews, Founder of The WealthSystem
Serving members in over 190 countries for over 25 YEARS!
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Hello, just want to share what has been happening to me with Forever Shares. 4 days ago I joined and bought 5 shares. The next day I earned enough to purchase another share. The next day I was able to purchase 2 more, then this morning I woke up to a message saying I had earned more money, now I was able to Purchase 2 more now bringing my total up to 10 shares, that's doubling my original purchase in just 4 days. You can't ask for more than that.
Thank You Forever Shares, Blessings.
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I have many year of experience in adpack concept where user can earn good returns after specified amount of day of completion of adpacks

The concept is not trending more and more on the internet. I would suggest other please join this campaign and get yourself financial free
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Since 2003 I have been involved in marketing and online business opportunities and Forever Shares is a legitimate way of earning a residual income, anyone who wants to earn money must join this Trusted and legit Revenue Share, Kudos to Adm what a amazing program, this genius business will make a different in your financial future, all the best and good luck.. Nel
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informo a todos que esteja interessado a se cadastrar na Aes Forever.faa cadastre valem apena e uma renda extra a mais.e com muita segurana podem investir.e ganhar seu dinheiro sem medo de ser encanado..forever,tem compromisso com todos e seguro confiante..
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Bought 10 shares 2 days ago 15th Dec I just keep investing my profits

now I have 18 shares

so I now have 18 shares that earn me profits every day
Fantastic site not to be missed
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Hello I'am Noland Kimble,i want you to know who i'am,because i'am a proud member of Forever Shares and as long it is open for business i will be here,and hoping some people open their eyes and come make some of this money with me.

Have a blessed day and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.
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Are you tired of waiting to make money online? I just joined this a few hours ago and I have already been PAID !!!!! So if you are still waiting to see some cash from whatever you have been doing just get in this and get paid NOW.....
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I purchased 2 Ad Packs this morning. Within 3 hours my packs has earn me .98 and .95 cents apiece. This is the real deal. I highly advise you to sign up and get on board to buying ad packs.
I will snap shot my Packs when they reach $5 each and screenshot the rebuy....Reinvest...reinvest and more reinvesting till I reach a steady income flow of at least 50$.....This is the BEST REVSHARE Platform and I'm loving it.
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This site here can earn you a lifetime of profits from buying shares and earning from your down line that also bring in new members under them and under their refs.
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Its very powerful system,you sure earn money.
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This is an Awesome Opportunity!

Advertise and Earn!

Thanks for the invite Mark!
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This is one of the best ads networks referrals i have ever seen
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Just joined ...have two adpaks and earned $3.65 already!
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Just started with Forevershares and immediately have started getting results...never experienced anything quite like this. Really impressed!
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I am in totally in awe of my first 16 hours with Forever Shares.
I just requested a withdrawal of 25% of what I invested yesterday!
Actually $24.55 to my bitcoin wallet from an investment of $100 through Payza. Can this be real?

I'm writing this at 6 AM and I didn't think the program officially launched until 9 AM today. I'll be telling everybody about this!

Gerald Pierce
Jacksonville, Florida
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Member Username Unsolicited Testimonial
Fabulous! One ad pack, one day in and I've earned almost $4 already. It will pay for itself in less than 3 days from purchase,and will never stop paying! I'm so glad I found this program!
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Hello all, I am new, just getting started. I have read the information, it sound very good, I have been marketing on line for years, this program is the first to offer this type of money making ideal. This program have been check out by PayPal so I know they are a real company other wise they could not do business with PayPal. I am a member at PayPal OVER TEN YEARS
I know how PayPal operates. Now I can be at ease investing in this program. Let's see how much I can make, I will let you know!
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ForeverShares has got a brilliant concept which surpasses all other rev shares with a great and committed admin.

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